vision and objectives

Vision , Mission and Objectives


Vision of the Center

Fundamental pillar of continuous education for post-graduation and rehabilitation and development of technical staffs to supplement the development plans with renewable human energies that accompanying scientific and technological developments and representing a leading authority in the field of education, rehabilitation and development


Mission of the Center :

The Center is interested in training and developing the personnel skills in the three sectors of institutions (public, private and mixed) in the areas that are needed and required in the labor fields to increase the functional and institutional performance.


Objectives of the Center :

  •  Development and rehabilitation of the engineering and scientific staff in the required competencies to cope with the global scientific developments in which   
  •  Employing the latest scientific and technological innovations and developments of the various disciplines that that are taking place in the world in the applied fields
  •  Linking the university with engineering and industrial labor fields to the preparation and contributing in the preparation and qualification of technical staffs of engineers and technician for the different industrial and economic sectors. responding to the wishes of the beneficiaries in the preparation of special additional programs for the development of human resources and training them by the latest means of science and technology.