administrative forming





Administrative Forming

PhDs and a university service not less than five years

Director of the Center

Directors of the Center

Secretarial bachelor's degree or secretarial diploma


Office administration

bachelor's degree or technical diploma in administration

Administration observer

Administrative Unit

bachelor's degree in Accounting

Finance Unit

Finance Unit

Bachelor in administration

Programs planning

Planning Unit

Bachelor's degree or technical diploma in management, statistics

 responsible Unit

Registration and follow-up Unit

Bachelor in Computer Engineering

Lab responsible

Computer Lab

BS in Computer Engineering or Computer Science

Website responsible

Website and Statistics Unit




   management and follow up all matters related to the activities of the center and the flow of work in the center

  Develop plans and annual programs according to the needs of work field

  sign all books issued by the Centre to the relevant authorities within and outside the university

  signing of a written exchange wages and bonuses and purchases within the powers conferred by the university president or the Board of the Center

  inform Board of Directors of the Center's about center activities  and hold regular meetings of the Council and obtaining the necessary approvals to work within the purview of the Board of Directors

  Coordinate with various departments and state institutions to stand on their own courses and activities carried out by the center and signing contracts with these parties wherever the arises need

Director of the Center

  carry out the tasks assigned to them by the center management and follow-up activities with the employees of the center to finish work things smoothly and logically •Print the official books inside and outside the university

  Coordinating with the follow-up staff the sessions booking and printing circulars for courses


  do all the works issued by the Centre Management

  Follow-up actions that are related to maintenance and procurement and audit departments within and outside the university

  responsibility of stores and furniture, and an inventory of assets at the center annually

  Follow-up users and cleaners to make sure cleaning the halls and rooms and health facilities and Furniture.

Administrative Unit

   follow all accounts related to the center and coordinate with the Department of Finance at the university and the bank to complete the financial matters related courses and purchases and rewards and any other work related to the activities of the center .

  exchange receipt of the participants and the state departments.

 Organize and create Statistics relating to center revenues.

  prepare the checks for the lecturers after the end of each session

  Follow-up state departments to obtain the overdue debt.

Finance Unit

  Scheduling programs and courses dates throughout the year

  Development of the general plan of courses in coordination with the courses makers

  Coordination with the follow up unit in the organization and management courses

   reporting the Director of the Center the implementation of specific courses.

Planning Unit

   responsibility for the registration of participants for each session

   Follow-up participants absences

   Coordination with finance unit to receive the checks the participants

registration and follow-up Unit

   prepare the laboratory for courses that use the lab

   maintenance of computers and maintain them

   do any work assigned by the center management regarding computer lab

Computer Lab

   Maintain laboratory Internet

   Follow-up sessions related to the internet

   Maintenance of machinery and equipment in the unit

E-mail and website statistics Unit