Center presidency

Center Presidency


Center Presidency

 Council of Directors of The Center includes all of the following :

 - Prof.Dr. Haider Abed DHahad / Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs ( Chairman of the council )

 - Muhammad Othman Mahmoud / Director of the Center (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors)

 - Sami Shaker / Head of Electrical Engineering Department (Member)

 - Prof. Dr. Jawad Kazem Ali / (Member)

 - Senior accountant. Taymour Samir Qassem / Director of the Financial Affairs Department (Member)

 - legal Adviser. Tamim Hadi Fadel / Director of Human Resources Department (Member)

 - Senior engineer . Makhlid Yas Khudair / Rapporteur of the council of Directors of the Center (Member)


Chairman of the Board
Name: Prof.Dr. Haider Abed DHahad
Date of receipt of the position : ( 1 / 1 / 2021 )

Director of The Center
Name: Ass.Prof. Dr. Farhad M. Othman
Date of receipt of the position : ( 26/3/2017 )